The Unknown

From Inside the Fog: Embracing the Unknown

04th Nov 2016

Your art starts right here with how you choose to handle the unknown.

Me, Myself, and... DR

Bringing All of You Into The Room

03rd Nov 2016

The more you own who you are in this moment, in this skin, in this conscious reality, the more you expand your possibilities in your art.


Conscious Creation: An Identity of Your Own Making

27th Oct 2016

Whether you’re claiming your horizon or defining your non-negotiables, there is one solid ingredient that you must own first: your identity. We all have one (or many) we actively use,...

yes and no, cc

Non-negotiables: Why You Must Say No

10th Oct 2016

If you’re in it for the long haul, if you want to do more than survive, it’s imperative to learn when to say no.

Holiday trees

The Gift of Creative Community

21st Dec 2015

Guest blogger, Melissa Bergstrom, gives some helpful tips to consciously develop a supportive and challenging creative community. (Holiday Trees by Annie Spratt, cc) It’s mid December already (despite the lack of...


You Don’t Need a Five- or Ten-Year Plan. You Need A Horizon

18th Nov 2015

(Photo by Dennis Wilkinson, cc) Art lives in the unknown. It is a personal exploration of “what if…” And yet, that is not what most schools and business practices model....

Photo- Gioia De Antoniis, cc

LEARNED HELPLESSNESS: A Fear to Hope (Sustainable Artistry Series #1)

18th Sep 2015

“Defining non-negotiables with my art sounds nice, but there’s no way.  I won’t be able to pick and choose projects. Once I get out of college, I’ll have bills to pay, rent,...

Photo by Daniel Lobo, CC

Own Your Actions, Not Other Beings

28th May 2015

The world is shifting to a role of stewardship not ownership. How does this affect parenting, animal rights, media, artistry, and education? A ton!

Photo- Ignacio Palomo Duarte (CC)

DEVISING: It’s Different, How?

17th Mar 2015

Devising allows you to build the muscles of inventing, playing, and editing in real time, on your feet.

Photo -, CC

In Me I Trust

25th Jan 2015

If trust = risk taking, how much do I trust myself? Not an easy answer, it turns out.

Photo - Derrick Tyson, CC

Failure: You Can Count On It

24th Jan 2015

You're going to have one of those days, when everything goes wrong... You can count on it. But I have the panacea. No, seriously, I do.


The Currency of Trust

23rd Jan 2015

The importance of trust in relationships, work, and risk taking.

Photo - Stan Baranski, CC

Mindful of Your Collaborators

22nd Jan 2015

We live in a collaborative world. Very little, if anything, is truly done alone without any guidance or contribution from another person.


You Are Your Business… And More.

21st Jan 2015

But here's a truth that set me free, and I offer it to you: There is only one you. You are all of your identities.

photo - Bashar Al-Ba'noon, CC

Empathy & The Unknown – Devising’s Life Lessons

20th Jan 2015

Devising life. Losing players. Coming to terms with not knowing. All with love.

The Art of Asking

NOVEL IDEA: The Art of Asking

19th Jan 2015

In Amanda Palmer's revealing and generous book, "The Art of Asking", she pinpoints what her entire artistic drive has been towards: "PLEASE. BELIEVE ME. I'M REAL. THIS HURTS."

Photo by Show in my Eyes (cc)


17th Nov 2014

Embrace need. Be proud of need. It is the key to success.

Photo - Photo Monkey (cc)


15th Nov 2014

Often 'being prepared' is attached to knowing, when it really means being ready to play in the unknown.

Banksy. Photo by Marie Aschehoug Clauteaux CC

Enough Stats!

24th Oct 2014

After reviewing yet another study showing the effectiveness of the arts, shared across social media platforms in a desperate attempt to say "We matter!"... I shout, "ENOUGH!"

Photo Glenn Halog CC

The Anatomy of Rebelling

16th Oct 2014

We yearn for the adrenaline that comes with high risk and passion.  An electrical current that zaps an audience when you blatantly rebel.   But, ironically enough, memorable rebellion has...