You Are Your Business… And More.

AllOfMeI’m a recovering multi-identity person: mom, songwriter, director, choreographer, business owner, wife, friend, woman, teacher, advocate… You get the picture.

But here’s a truth that set me free, and I offer it to you:

There is only one you.

You are all of your identities.

To praise your work, is to praise you.

To deny yourself time to be any of those identities, is to deny yourself.

To separate off your identities—hiding some from certain groups, revealing some to others—is to separate yourself from yourself.

To flow amongst those identities, is to flow deeper in yourself.

To speak about your many identities and roles, is to speak about yourself.

To value those identities, is to value yourself.

To own those identities, is to own yourself.

To reveal those identities to your community, is to reveal your entire self.

Time to own.

Chris in mid-decisionTime to find the spine that pulls all these together.

Time to embrace that which makes you unique… And that’s your one-of-a-kind blend of all your roles/identities.


These are ingredients for the 5 star dish that is you.

Time to measure them out.

Time to add them together.

Time to edit what’s not working for you anymore.

Time to cook, baby!

(Dig this? This is a taste of the fab that’s happening in Jess’s secret—shhhh!—Facebook group: The Revolution Is You. Come by with the secret knock when you’re ready to lead the charge yourself.)

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