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What Fuels Success Is…

29th Sep 2014

Your success rate is based on need. So, this is a plea to dream, to care, to need!

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The “Unspoken Problem” in Education

17th Aug 2014

I will jump in the deep end and state: the core issue in education is ageism. A child’s individual voice, needs and methodologies are not recognized as valid solely based on age.


A Lesson in Dying

12th Aug 2014

Today, I mourn the passing of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, who took his life at the age of 63.

Never Stop

The Hardest Battle

11th Aug 2014

  Recently, I started a closed Facebook group for people to step into their power as a creative individual. Spark change. Ignite inspiration in yourself to then inspire others. Come on...

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Behind the Book – Radio Interview

28th Jul 2014

Fun times during my recent radio interview with Carl Etnier at WGDR-WGDH on The Goddard Hour. He asked compelling questions about the book and our current application of it in...


Want to Play?

15th Mar 2014

How are you playing with our work, relationship, life, surroundings…. Today? I don’t mean the cynical way adults use the word play–synonymous with manipulating or toying with in a power...

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The Contagious Effect of Possibilities

07th Dec 2013

"We can do that?" Amazement, fear, and excitement filled their eyes. The cast was astonished they were given the free rein to... BE.

Creatively Independent - Home: Creating and Letting Go

Home: Where You Grow & Let Go

20th Aug 2013

Love to all those who daily embrace creating and letting go.

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Aesop’s On It: Personal Freedom

21st Jun 2013

Said the Dog, "I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you."


Collaborative Leadership

14th Jun 2013

Are you a leader or a follower? A creatively independent person is both!

CI rehearsal photo by Dewin Anguas Barnette

“Acting Means Pretending, Right?”

17th May 2013

The bridge between acting and pretending.

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16th May 2013

A heated debate is happening over the internet focused on crowdfunding. The strongest question is: Who’s allowed to use this tool?


Tiny Experiences, Big Impact

09th May 2013

Today, in one of our Creativity Labs, a short inspiration led to a tiny experiment and became a big success! How tiny can you make this moment?

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Discovery Music Appreciation

29th Apr 2013

Spring Semester, we have been exploring PERCUSSION, AC CAPPELLA and MUSIC IN UNEXPECTED PLACES. Our inspiration came from all over the world: America, Germany, South Africa, England, Ireland and Tibet....

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Peddling Candy to the Starving – Theatre Games

31st Mar 2013

We are all hungry for play, so hungry you could feed us cotton candy and we would thank you... But at what price?

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Pick Yourself

08th Mar 2013

This is a dance. And yes, you don't always lead, but never let yourself be dragged around.

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Welcome, Digital Ensemble!

15th Feb 2013

Welcome! Here's where you can meet potential ensemble members on this journey...

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Rainbow Feathers – Developing an Idea

26th Jan 2013

It started as a handprint. But with a flip of his wrist he moved on to the ‘riskier’ idea. “What are you doing, Griffin?” I ask. “I need rainbow feathers.”...

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Pat on the Back

09th Jan 2013

Support comes in many forms and the simple act of connecting with another person can help ground you deeper in your work.

Photo courtesy - Dewin Anguas Barnette

Ensemble Roll Call – Book Preview

08th Jan 2013

The members of a beneficial ensemble are found sprinkled throughout time and place: where you are, where you were and, most importantly, where you want to be.