Failure: You Can Count On It

Photo - Derrick Tyson, CC

Photo – Derrick Tyson, CC


You’re going to have one of those days, when everything goes wrong and your life turns into a Grimm’s Brothers’ fairy tale with snakes and frogs popping out of your mouth instead of inspiration and direction.

It’ll happen. Count on it.

And if you have any kind of work ethic, then those days will be even more prominent.

And if you’re already deep into doing what you love for a living, then those days will have a bite to them that’s hard to shake.

But I have the antidote. No, seriously, I do… Ownership.

If you can count on failure happening, then you sure as hell can remedy the sting with counting your blessings.

FAILURE: Come home to a handful of rejection letters for the new play you’ve written. You try to call your best friend to vent and get their voicemail.


  • You have a best friend.
  • You have time to now breathe, list what you own within this moment, and not go down the rabbit hole of ‘life sucks’ or worse “I suck.”
  • You can write plays (no matter what the theatre, agent, publisher, performer rejection letter may say).
  • You believe in yourself and your art enough to send out your play into the world asking for someone to take a risk with you.
  • You’re able to turn life experiences into art, into your business. (Think of all the ways you can make those rejection letters work for you!)
  • You have a home to come home to.

Get the picture?

I had a roller coaster day today. But for every fail (and there were some doozies), there was a moment to breath in at least one gem of ownership.

Is it Pollyanna? Is it daisies and rainbows?

Maybe. I don’t care.

I do care about taking care of myself in order to stay in the game, to keep being vulnerable, and to keep taking risks.

Are you strong enough to list your gems of ownership? Because it’s a lot easier to chat about how it sucks… But it gets you less than nowhere, it takes you out of the game.

And we need all the risk takers we can get in this game.

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