Griffin bearing witness ---- photo courtesy of Dewin Anguas Barnette

Bearing Witness – MFA work

07th Sep 2011

To observe without judgment, to help by not helping at all Staying, listening, recording... Read more...

photo courtesy of Dewin Anguas Barnette

Sharing MFA Grad work

07th Sep 2011

Hi everyone, This is Jess Pillmore, Co-Artistic Director of CI. I’m currently working on my MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College and would love to share some of my...

Hamlet - Grave Scene with Laertes & Claudius @ Minerva Stage

Latest News: Hamlet opening July 21 in North Adams, MA

17th Jul 2011

C.I. has been slacking a bit with the blog entries (hopefully, this will change… today). Busy bees that we are, we have tons of news: Jess & Chris have conceived...

Me in Time - By Vincent van der Pas -

Ensemble – Timing – The sooner, the better

24th Nov 2010

There are a lot of sayings that pop into my head with this one: “Timing is everything.” “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” All of these...

photo courtesy of Dewin Anguas Barnette

Independent – Ownership

31st Aug 2010

So... I volunteered to partner with a student for his small sword test. And unfortunately, that is where my ownership of the experience started and stopped. I thought I was being helpful "just being his partner", letting him lead the rehearsal process and giving him whatever he asked for. Because of this, I was holding back many things: a personal interest in my work, major skills I could utilize (teaching and coaching) and a point of view....

Master Class logo

Master Class montage from latest residency

29th Jun 2010

Great week in Jacksonville working on physical theatre (contact improv, “As One” collective consciousness, intention and actor/creator skills).  We had a blast with a terrific group of risk takers!  Watch...

Photo courtesy of Mutasim Billah Pritam

Play Today! – An Energy Game

08th Jun 2010

On the blog, we’re starting to spotlight exercises we use in rehearsals and workshops.  The key is never the game itself, it’s the use of it.  One game can be...

Florida State Thespians CI Workshop 2010

Independent – Switching Roles

16th May 2010

Here’s the quandary… how does someone know what someone else NEEDS to learn?  They can’t, they can only guess based on statistics and past experience.  But we’re not living in...

Self portraits by Anie Fann

Ensemble/Community – Stereotype

17th Apr 2010

They say we all have a little bit of stereotyping/prejudice in us and I am no exception.  Recently, I was at a conference of multicultural schools in Germany.  While there,...

An Actor Enjoying the Simple Moment - Adding Machine, dir. Jess Pillmore

Independent – Simplicity

26th Feb 2010

As I watch a student try an activity, I see how we’ve truly become creatures of multitasking… and I don’t know if that’s good or not.  The more you’re doing...

photo by "D Sharon Pruitt

Creativity – Commitment

15th Feb 2010

When directing a play or teaching character work, I have many exercises dedicated to giving the actor the opportunity to live inside the world of the play.  We start these...

Photo courtesy of Dewin Barnette

Creativity – Neutrality

11th Jan 2010

Clean slates are important in our work, starting from neutral in order to build a character, a play, a song, etc.  Yet most of us tend to cover up our...


Ensemble/Community – Play

23rd Dec 2009

I just spent 4 days playing with an amazing group of middle-schoolers in Germany.  Their task was to create theatre based around the theme of “Play”.  When preparing for the...

extreme partnering

Ensemble/Community – Partnering

07th Dec 2009

I love it when you find your match. The partner who is in tune with your every move, thought and feeling. It happens when you least expect it, at least it did for me. Working in the Stage Combat world, as with many other worlds, you are constantly partnered up with people you don’t really want to work with ... the issues... safety and talent mainly. It’s great to find that fellow actor that you can succeed and fail with and know they have your back. Recently, I found that partner....


Independent – Play

30th Nov 2009

Somehow and somewhere we have lost our ability to play freely without judgment. I’m amazed at the amount of times I need to remind students, of any age, that they have an open opportunity to play within these exercises. They still feel closed off, shut down and simply not willing to let themselves go....


Ensemble/Community – Reading the Signs

24th Nov 2009

During a directing master class, a student commented that a group HAD to have one person to control the group, to calm it down in order to avoid confrontations and bickering. I asked him, “What about traffic? How do we all know where to go and what’s going on without that one person to control the situation?” He said, “Well, we have traffic lights and stop signs.” And I propose that people also have traffic lights and stop signs in their body language, spacial presence and facial expressions. So, how do we read the signs?...


Creativity – Inspiration

20th Nov 2009

So, I’m in the process of writing a play.  About 3 months into this idea, I find myself trying to trace my steps backwards in order to keep on track...

Photo by Kali Quinn

Independent – Unexpected Discoveries

17th Nov 2009

I’ve always been curious about the moment of unexpected discovery and its effect on live theatre. The beauty of live theatre to me is that there is always an opportunity for the unexpected...