Want to Play?

St. Lucie HS's Impossible TaskHow are you playing with our work, relationship, life, surroundings…. Today?

I don’t mean the cynical way adults use the word play–synonymous with manipulating or toying with in a power play. I mean play as children do: exploring through “what if” and “why not.”

Here are some prompts:


  • Have you used something in way it was not originally intended? If so, what? What forced you to improvise in this way? What was the outcome?
  • Did you pretend the person you were talking to was somebody else? If so, who? Why? What was the outcome?
  • Did you imagine your surrounds different than they are? If so, where were you? How did you change the area? How larger or small of an alteration was it? Why? What was the outcome?
  • If you haven’t done even one of these playful things recently (and I mean today) I ask you “why not?!”

Play helps you not only explore, but break down assumptions, stay agile, buoyant, energized, inspired, and best of all it reminds you, through constant experience that the world truly is what you make it.

Go play. NOW!

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