There Will Always Be Another Hoop, Until…

05th Apr 2017

We are experiencing the law of diminishing returns. The industrial revolution has taken its toll on how we, as artists, learn and teach. Only teaching artists can stop it.


17th Nov 2014

Embrace need. Be proud of need. It is the key to success.

Enough Stats!

24th Oct 2014

After reviewing yet another study showing the effectiveness of the arts, shared across social media platforms in a desperate attempt to say "We matter!"... I shout, "ENOUGH!"

The “Unspoken Problem” in Education

17th Aug 2014

I will jump in the deep end and state: the core issue in education is ageism. A child’s individual voice, needs and methodologies are not recognized as valid solely based on age.

A Lesson in Dying

12th Aug 2014

Today, I mourn the passing of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, who took his life at the age of 63.

Want to Play?

15th Mar 2014

How are you playing with our work, relationship, life, surroundings…. Today? I don’t mean the cynical way adults use the word play–synonymous with manipulating or toying with in a power...

The Contagious Effect of Possibilities

07th Dec 2013

"We can do that?" Amazement, fear, and excitement filled their eyes. The cast was astonished they were given the free rein to... BE.

Home: Where You Grow & Let Go

20th Aug 2013

Love to all those who daily embrace creating and letting go.

Peddling Candy to the Starving – Theatre Games

31st Mar 2013

We are all hungry for play, so hungry you could feed us cotton candy and we would thank you... But at what price?

Welcome, Digital Ensemble!

15th Feb 2013

Welcome! Here's where you can meet potential ensemble members on this journey...

Ensemble Roll Call – Book Preview

08th Jan 2013

The members of a beneficial ensemble are found sprinkled throughout time and place: where you are, where you were and, most importantly, where you want to be.

Set Backs – Now What?

07th Jan 2013

How do we get the car back online with a slight correction of the wheel without the fear-filled yank off the road?


06th Jan 2013

Don't wait for someone else to repurpose or reclaim you! You can to do that yourself.

Failing Gloriously – Manifesto Sneak Peek

10th Nov 2012

Without the possibility of failure, nothing new can be discovered or accomplished.

Independent – Ownership

31st Aug 2010

So... I volunteered to partner with a student for his small sword test. And unfortunately, that is where my ownership of the experience started and stopped. I thought I was being helpful "just being his partner", letting him lead the rehearsal process and giving him whatever he asked for. Because of this, I was holding back many things: a personal interest in my work, major skills I could utilize (teaching and coaching) and a point of view....

Ensemble/Community – Partnering

07th Dec 2009

I love it when you find your match. The partner who is in tune with your every move, thought and feeling. It happens when you least expect it, at least it did for me. Working in the Stage Combat world, as with many other worlds, you are constantly partnered up with people you don’t really want to work with ... the issues... safety and talent mainly. It’s great to find that fellow actor that you can succeed and fail with and know they have your back. Recently, I found that partner....