Worksops & Residencies: THE ART OF NOW

You can train ’til the cows come home, but in this moment—right now—what do you bring to your art form?

How do you access it?

How do you focus your p.o.v. & amplify the gift that is you?

By tapping into The Art of Now asking:

– Who are you? (Identity.)       – What do you want? (Intention.)      – How does that extend beyond you? (Impact.)


Being Creatively Independent isn’t about having the answers for other people. It’s about building playgrounds for you to find your own answers. Here’s what it looks like:


Funky formulaThe Break Down:

Physical theatre –  The body is your mind’s hard drive. It holds all your experiences. As Martha Graham says, “The body cannot lie”. And the big kicker, the body is grounded in the Now. Our physical skills are always growing: dance, combat, clown, mask, circus, and acro are the current kickers.

Ensemble Devising –  An activated ensemble creating together can catapult the individual to new levels through support, challenges, and collaboration. Many hands…, as they say.

Mindfulness – Without self-awareness each exercise lives in a bubble. You are merely a copy of the teacher. Mindfulness drops you into how and why you create.

To the power of ‘Play”It’s what makes a formula a playground. And we say “play” we mean the life-evolving, multi-leveled world of buoyant exploration that we are hard wired with as children.


Text Excerpt from Creatively Independent: Life on Your Terms with Play, Community & Awareness

—  —  —  —  —

The Art of Now doesn’t have skill levels.

It works for the artist you are Right Now.

We do have levels of engagement, though…

Here’s how we can play together:

—  —  —  —  —


(1) IN PROCESS: Beginner’s Mind

This is how you get to know us and we get to know you. No leapfrog here to “Master Builders” or “In Performance” until you’ve played inside the “Beginner’s Mind”.

Ignite a theatrical fire! Get an adrenaline rush in our Art of Now: In Process series with introduction packages ranging from Mindfulness to Cutting-Edge Artistry.

PERFECT FOR: those ready to articulate and act upon what makes them unique in their community. Teacher Edition’s available.




It was a pleasure and a revelation watching Christopher open up a safe, joyous environment for the students to rediscover their sense of play. Through his use of deceptively simple children’s games, he took the temperature of the room, made instant assessments, and, by asking astute questions, allowed the students to make their own discoveries, have ownership of their work, and empowered them to go deeper into the material with greater ease and facility. I fully intend to use these techniques in my own classroom- I cannot recommend Chris highly enough!”

– J. David Brimmer (Assoc. Prof. NYU/Tisch & SAFD Fight Master)


(2) IN PROCESS: Master Builders

Ready to break out of the box? We are too! Let’s build a playground together out of insanely fun master classes. We take your inquiries and intention and whip up a ridiculously fab residency. We may even create a few new master classes just for you. Seriously, we do it all the time. Why do you think we love collaborating so much?!

PERFECT FOR: Rebels who have already found their “Beginner’s Mind” and want our guidance to build their own playground. Teacher Editions available.


—  —  —  —  —

(3) IN PERFORMANCE: Devising Residencies

This is fun and insightful work in the studio, but what happens in 6 weeks with an audience at the end of the tunnel? Insanity… The best kind. We call it “The Impossible Task”: Time constraints, varied ensemble members, ensemble devised plays from scratch or from a piece we’ve already structured… It’s up to you. It’s the ultimate tight-rope walk of technical tension and artistic freedom, all in front of an audience.

PERFECT FOR: Rock stars already tapped into their “Beginner’s Mind” who are hungry for the mic.



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