In Process: Master Builders

Ready to break out of the box? We are too! Let’s build a playground together out of insanely fun master classes. We take your inquiries and intention and whip up a ridiculously fab residency. We may even create a few new master classes just for you. Seriously, we do it all the time. Why do you think we love collaborating so much?!

PERFECT FOR: Rebels who have already found their “Beginner’s Mind” and want our guidance to build their own playground. Teacher Editions available.

FORMAT: Available as Master Classes or Lectures


RESIDENCY LENGTH: 1 Day – 1 Semester

PARTICIPANTS: middle school through professional

PRICE: $250/master class (travel and housing not included)



THE TANGIBLE OBJECTIVE – Physically understand and create the feeling of HAVE TO in your muscles, heart, breath, and spine, no matter what the objective. Explore the difference between the actor’s need and the character’s. Learn how to play in both worlds honestly, passionately and safely.

BEING PRESENT – You are enough. Find your neutral stance, heightened awareness and honest presence. Own what makes you unique in order to boldly create. Practice non-judgmental observations of self and artistic process in order to honor who you are right now. Fundamental for any artist!

HIGH STAKES INTENTION – Enter as if your life depended on it! Amp up any performance with honest engagement and catch the audience’s breath. This technique helps you find real anchors in a world of fiction. “Higher Stakes” won’t be a common phrase anymore, it’ll be a mantra!

AS ONE – Tap into the collective consciousness in order to create and aesthetically stunning works. Learn how to feel the group’s intention and commit to your own individual intention. This is a highly energized form of creation that utilizes the individual in the group, heightens spatial and emotional awareness, and explores commitment inside the unknown.

FEROCIOUS PLAY – Venture into the world of childlike play and wonder. Reap the rewards from committing 100% and failing gloriously! Own how you play to evolve yourself on and off stage through your personal identity, intention, and impact. This buoyant technique adapts to any art area exploring vulnerability, performer/audience relationship, and artistic dynamics.

PLAY – Play isn’t extra, it’s essential! This evolutionary tool—where curiosity’s king and anything is possible—toys inside the unknown with the sole purpose of turning “Why?” into “Why not!”. Explore how your curiosity is sparked and how/why you follow it. Create conscious invitations to play with others encouraging adaptation, inclusion, and internal motivation to keep the river of play flowing.

INTENTIONAL INTIMACY BY MAKING CONTACT – Learn key elements of contact improvisation in order to create dynamic and safe relationships on stage. These tools establish long-term relationship/character development and give a renewed sense of exploration, play, trust, strength, and ownership regardless of body type or experience. Essential work/play for ensuring open communication with intimate scene work, physical and emotional choreography, and clear directives inside sensitive material.

DANGEROUS PLAY with Stage Combat – Conflict is part of life, how you explore it is an art form. Using stage combat, physical character building and contact improvisation, learn how to address violence in your art pieces. This is a great avenue for creative conflict resolution, questioning why violence still exists and how our bodies react to it.

THE IMPOSSIBLE TASK – Bond an ensemble in an instant with this impossible task. What is it? It’s what you’ve never seen or accomplished before, that’s the only reason it’s impossible. After this workshop, not only will you be redefining “impossible” you’ll be eager to tackle more!

SUSTAINABLE ARTISTRY – The more you own your choices, your tools, your boundaries, and your dreams, the more powerful you become in this world. Break down the starving artist myths and give mindful support for blazing your own flexible, dependable path. This workshop is a playfully holistic approach to get you dreaming again. Lift your gaze beyond the day-to-day surviving an see the inspiring horizon of everyday thriving in that improvisation space called an artful life. Actively look at the many ways we need to fuel ourselves in order to live an artful life. There are opportunities for individual and group work, both practical and playful, as we explore assumptions and possibilities as an artist in today’s world.

INDIRECT DIRECTING – Being a director isn’t synonymous with being a dictator. Learn how to lead with abstract, creative prompts whether you are inside or outside the ensemble.

PLAY-FILLED DEVISING – Turn your rehearsal room into a playground and watch the performers soar! Learn how to mine life-evolving games from our childhood into devising-focused fun. You’ll explore how to assess needs within the process; feel when to let go or lean in; raise the stakes; excel through buoyant play.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT THROUGH ART – It’s the story you want to tell and the community needs to hear. How do you access and honor the community voice? How do you bring it into the process, emotionally and physically?



Whatcha wanna build? Holler and let us know!

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