The Anatomy of Rebelling

We yearn for the adrenaline that comes with high risk and passion.

The Anatomy of Rebelling. Theatrical breakdown of a moment. Photo Glenn Halog CC Sweeney Todd clip Creatively Independent - Revolutionary Arts Education

Photo Glenn Halog CC

 An electrical current that zaps an audience when you blatantly rebel.


But, ironically enough, memorable rebellion has a path:

  • Fully embodying the expected standard without judgment or mockery.
  • Going off the rails, either intentionally or accidentally.
  • Questioning whether to go back to the known or venture into the unknown. (This fear and vulnerability is vital to fuel the upcoming flip. Rebelling is hard and dangerous. One does not make that choice lightly.)
  • Someone makes a drastic gesture 180º from the standard.
  • Tension and silence. (Will the rebel stand  alone? Be ostracized? Or start a movement?)
  • Someone equally powerful (potentially unexpected) echoes the gesture.
  • The crowd begins to echo the gesture as it escalates in power and speed.
  • Commitment! Everyone hits the ground running with no hesitation.

That’s the anatomy of powerful, theatrical, goosebump-giving rebellion. It requires respect of the tradition, clear intention, high stakes, and a tight knit ensemble.

See for yourself with the opening of the 2014 concert performance of “Sweeney Todd” directed by Lonny Price at Lincoln Center:



Now go start your own rebellion!

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