17th Nov 2014

Embrace need. Be proud of need. It is the key to success.


15th Nov 2014

Often 'being prepared' is attached to knowing, when it really means being ready to play in the unknown.

Enough Stats!

24th Oct 2014

After reviewing yet another study showing the effectiveness of the arts, shared across social media platforms in a desperate attempt to say "We matter!"... I shout, "ENOUGH!"

The Anatomy of Rebelling

16th Oct 2014

We yearn for the adrenaline that comes with high risk and passion.  An electrical current that zaps an audience when you blatantly rebel.   But, ironically enough, memorable rebellion has...

What Fuels Success Is…

29th Sep 2014

Your success rate is based on need. So, this is a plea to dream, to care, to need!

A Lesson in Dying

12th Aug 2014

Today, I mourn the passing of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, who took his life at the age of 63.

Welcome, Digital Ensemble!

15th Feb 2013

Welcome! Here's where you can meet potential ensemble members on this journey...

Set Backs – Now What?

07th Jan 2013

How do we get the car back online with a slight correction of the wheel without the fear-filled yank off the road?

Failing Gloriously – Manifesto Sneak Peek

10th Nov 2012

Without the possibility of failure, nothing new can be discovered or accomplished.

Actively Waiting

02nd Jul 2012

'Good things come from waiting in the wings for your space, for your timing to present itself.' A playground lesson learned decades a go waiting to jump in to double dutch... Read more...

Teaching as an Art Form and a LAB

29th Nov 2011

The classroom, rehearsal hall or lab is where one must try anything and everything for the sake of the exercise or tool to be explored... Read more...

Ensemble – Timing – The sooner, the better

24th Nov 2010

There are a lot of sayings that pop into my head with this one: “Timing is everything.” “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” All of these...

Independent – Ownership

31st Aug 2010

So... I volunteered to partner with a student for his small sword test. And unfortunately, that is where my ownership of the experience started and stopped. I thought I was being helpful "just being his partner", letting him lead the rehearsal process and giving him whatever he asked for. Because of this, I was holding back many things: a personal interest in my work, major skills I could utilize (teaching and coaching) and a point of view....

Master Class montage from latest residency

29th Jun 2010

Great week in Jacksonville working on physical theatre (contact improv, “As One” collective consciousness, intention and actor/creator skills).  We had a blast with a terrific group of risk takers!  Watch...

Play Today! – An Energy Game

08th Jun 2010

On the blog, we’re starting to spotlight exercises we use in rehearsals and workshops.  The key is never the game itself, it’s the use of it.  One game can be...

Ensemble/Community – Stereotype

17th Apr 2010

They say we all have a little bit of stereotyping/prejudice in us and I am no exception.  Recently, I was at a conference of multicultural schools in Germany.  While there,...

Creativity – Commitment

15th Feb 2010

When directing a play or teaching character work, I have many exercises dedicated to giving the actor the opportunity to live inside the world of the play.  We start these...

Creativity – Neutrality

11th Jan 2010

Clean slates are important in our work, starting from neutral in order to build a character, a play, a song, etc.  Yet most of us tend to cover up our...

Ensemble/Community – Partnering

07th Dec 2009

I love it when you find your match. The partner who is in tune with your every move, thought and feeling. It happens when you least expect it, at least it did for me. Working in the Stage Combat world, as with many other worlds, you are constantly partnered up with people you don’t really want to work with ... the issues... safety and talent mainly. It’s great to find that fellow actor that you can succeed and fail with and know they have your back. Recently, I found that partner....

Independent – Play

30th Nov 2009

Somehow and somewhere we have lost our ability to play freely without judgment. I’m amazed at the amount of times I need to remind students, of any age, that they have an open opportunity to play within these exercises. They still feel closed off, shut down and simply not willing to let themselves go....