Online education that’s personal and playful.

*** PRICE UPDATE 3/9/17***

Due to the horrible defunding of our nation’s arts and education communities, we’ve permanently dropped our prices in half from $300 to $150.

We need you to thrive as artists and teachers. We want to make that attainable.

Online courses are often pre-made, cold and up to you, alone, to see it through. Not here!  Here, you will find support networks, creative resources and a deeper sense of purpose all in the comfort of your own time and space.

A CLASS ABOVE – Workshops You Were Destined To Teach:

When you can teach your art, you truly own it. Learn how to not only own your art form, but your teaching style as well. This holistic course taps into:

  • What kind of teacher you are/want to be (your identity)
  • Uncover the core motivator to why/how you teach (your intention)
  • Who would be jazzed to learn from you (your impact – audience)
  • How to craft a unique workshop that becomes a magnet (branding)
  • How to get it out into the world without the hustle (marketing)

LENGTH: 3 week, Monday-Thursday with daily accountability, ensemble support and one-on-one consulting.

SESSIONS: Choose from the following 2017 sessions – I (April 3-19), II (May 15-31)

PARTICIPANTS: Professional artists (in any field) transitioning into freelance teaching and seasoned teaching artists wanting to create unique workshop offerings that sets them apart from the masses.

COST: $150


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AN INSPIRING VISION – Curriculum Designed to Motivate & Prepare:

With the amount of material you need to cover within the year, your curriculum can become more like a To Do List – practical but uninspiring. It doesn’t have to be! Our creative approach to curriculum design will give you:

  • the freedom to chart your own course
  • inspire yourself and your students
  • develop a flexibility to easily adapt the curriculum every year depending on your current students’ needs
  • incorporate student-led projects and collaboration
  • collaborate with teachers through group discussion
  • revitalize your core motivation for teaching to make it fun again

LENGTH: 3 week, Monday-Thursday with daily accountability, ensemble support and one-on-one consulting.

SESSIONS: Choose from the following 2017 sessions – I (July 24 – August 10)

PARTICIPANTS: New and seasoned teachers needing to spark passion back into their curriculum.

COST: $150


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