Lara Binder, Misty Muesing, & Christina May - CI Ensemble members

Two-Minute Challenge

This is an ongoing open call to spotlight:
Why & how are YOU creatively independent?
Join the conversation by:
Creating a 2 minute or less video explaining or showing why & how you are creatively independent.
Upload it to Vimeo and/or YouTube. *Make sure you enable it to be embedded and shared.
EMAIL US the Vimeo and/or YouTube link.
The work is yours. The point of view is yours. We’d like to give it a forum to change how people view process, product, passion, and calling your own shots.
By submitting the video you are allowing CI to post it on our social media platforms and website. If you’d like a link to your professional/personal website, include it in the email.;" shape="rect" coords="20, 200, 91, 225" />shapeimage_3_link_0
Eve Diamond, AeRialist (USA)
“When developing an act, I am creatively independent. If I want to put a drop here or a pose there, it’s all possible. I just have to figure out the how.”http://eveonaswing.comshapeimage_6_link_0
The EaRth
is a MiRROR.
I was heRe.
Riva Weinstein
Riva Weinstein, InteRdisciplinaRy ARtist (USA)
“Creative independence is creative interdependence. Everything is connected. Improvisation is essential... The world is my studio. Art is the way.”
Steven DeWateR, ActoR/CReatoR (USA)
“It is the rhythm of the repetition of the ritual that manifests a kind of spiritual nourishment in the human being.”
WhetheR you aRe cReating woRk for money oR foR the necessity of youR soul.
must keep woRking.
Steven DeWater
Using that fall to accumulate AiR undeR my wings
And then flying higheR than i have done BefoRe.
Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen
Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen, TheatRe ARtist (Denmark)
“I am creatively independent... in creating spaces for others to recognize themselves and new possibilities... hopefully, giving them the option to act.”
PeteR BRooke, Film ActoR (UK)
“Try to take the pretensions away and discover what people are actually doing underneath...”
What does Inependence mean?
It’s Doing Stuff on youR own.
Can I join in?
Peter Brooke
& his sons
This is what I do. This is what I am.
It’s that easy and it’s also
that haRd.
Eve Diamond
Daniel FRank, InteRdisciplinaRy ARtist (USA)
“I am struck by the energy of things. It’s from here that I begin to paint. It’s from this energy that painting flows through me. ”
My WoRk is an offeRing of my heaRt, an aspiRation towArds eveR incReasing StRength, GRace, Joy...
Daniel Frank
EmBRacing that gift is how i say thank you.
Jordan Bernas
inspiRation is out theRe and it’s youRs foR the Taking.
Chelsea LeSage
Chelsea LeSage, actRess, CI EnsemBle (USA)
“It’s important to take a deep breath and look up to see what is surrounding you no matter where you are... there is beautiful inspiration out there.”
JORdan BeRnas, wRiteR, PhotoGrapheR, student(USA)
“I’m energetic and playful. I see the world for all the possibilities and everyday beauty that it has.”
jesse jacoBson, PeRfoRmeR, WRiteR, student, CI EnsemBle (USA)
“Art is a way of expressing human flaws and mistakes... Allowing our own individual realities to shine through only makes it more real and understandable for an audience.”
when aRt is not within Reach,   I cReate it foR myself.
Jesse Jacobson
Maggie Keenan-BolgeR
Teaching ARtist, Sex EducatoR, PeRfoRmeR (USA)
“Knowng I’m not going to change the world all by myself and so basking in collaboration. All the while recognizing that we are not all the same and realizing those difference, those sometimes difficult, have the potential to be wonderfully beautiful. Yay!”
Having fun.
even with the haRd stuff.
Maggie Keenan-Bolger
JennifeR Van de Pol, InteRdisciplinaRy aRtist (Canada)
“I’ve been thinking about dewllings, home, what it means to make home, to ‘live to build one’s house, and not build one’s house to live in.’ (and I will now add, what it means to be ‘creatively independent’)”
Internal quote: Bachelard, Gaston The Poetics of Space. Beacon Press, 1994.
I pRessed my chest against mack-tack walls in a little cuBBY hole today.
i could feel my heaRt Beat.
Van de Pol
andRew heil, ARtist, Activist, Student (USA)
“How am I creatively independent? I take lots of this [trash] and I try and make this [art] out of it. That way  the world’s a little bit more of a sunnier place.”
jessica watson, multi-disciplinary aRts & educatoR (USA)
“Because I want a life that is fun, examines, loves, moves, tries, has purpose, cries, fails, recovers, flies...”
Because i want a life that is mine.
Jessica Watson
stephanie tRotteR, electro-acoustic peRfoRmance ARtist (USA)
“Being creatively independent is all about how you use your independence. We’re all creative. We all possess the ability to create–to do things, and make things to show people. It’s in our independence and if we decide to show things to people, that we don’t think they’ll like or to make things people have never seen before, but to share something from our heart and our body–something we care tremendeously about, something that makes us a little scared to show people–that’s creative independence. I’m creatively independent. My name is Stephanie Lavon Trotter.”
Alexia tRainoR, Film & tHeatRe ARtist (USA)
“Dream big. Pass it on. Life moves fast. Endless opportunity. Encourage others. Have fun. Love. Make a mess.”
ASHLEY TURNER, TheatRe ARtist & Student (USA)
“Working with my professor, I feel I become robotic... a machine my professor plugs in the variables that he wants and I perform as such... I feel unconnected. But I like to go out and experience all the world has to offer... Becoming one with something... It’s my way of being me and using what I’ve learned to create art.”