A Lesson in Dying

12th Aug 2014

Today, I mourn the passing of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, who took his life at the age of 63.

Home: Where You Grow & Let Go

20th Aug 2013

Love to all those who daily embrace creating and letting go.

Collaborative Leadership

14th Jun 2013

Are you a leader or a follower? A creatively independent person is both!

Welcome, Digital Ensemble!

15th Feb 2013

Welcome! Here's where you can meet potential ensemble members on this journey...

Pat on the Back

09th Jan 2013

Support comes in many forms and the simple act of connecting with another person can help ground you deeper in your work.

Ensemble Roll Call – Book Preview

08th Jan 2013

The members of a beneficial ensemble are found sprinkled throughout time and place: where you are, where you were and, most importantly, where you want to be.

Florida State Thespians CI Workshop 2010

Independent – Switching Roles

16th May 2010

Here’s the quandary… how does someone know what someone else NEEDS to learn?  They can’t, they can only guess based on statistics and past experience.  But we’re not living in...

Creativity – Commitment

15th Feb 2010

When directing a play or teaching character work, I have many exercises dedicated to giving the actor the opportunity to live inside the world of the play.  We start these...

Creativity – Inspiration

20th Nov 2009

So, I’m in the process of writing a play.  About 3 months into this idea, I find myself trying to trace my steps backwards in order to keep on track...