Pat on the Back

Photo courtesy - Sarah Ross Photography

Photo courtesy – Sarah Ross Photography

Pats on the back feel good. A little moment of “Good Work” that can go a long way.

I just got a pat on the back for the manifesto from an amazing playwright and teacher. But the timing of it made me realize that it was in fact something much stronger.

It was the gentle, yet firm, hand of an ensemble member square on my spine saying, “I’m here with you. In case you step back or get weak from this journey, I’m here too.”

I use to be embarrassed to feel the need to “get a pat on the back”, as if I was bragging or needing someone to value my work (or me). But today I realized that wasn’t the case. Support comes in many forms and the simple act of connecting with another person can help ground you deeper in your work.



  • How do you offer support to your ensemble?
  • How do you ask for support?
  • When’s the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?



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