DEVISING: It’s Different, How?

17th Mar 2015

Devising allows you to build the muscles of inventing, playing, and editing in real time, on your feet.

Want to Play?

15th Mar 2014

How are you playing with our work, relationship, life, surroundings…. Today? I don’t mean the cynical way adults use the word play–synonymous with manipulating or toying with in a power...

The Contagious Effect of Possibilities

07th Dec 2013

"We can do that?" Amazement, fear, and excitement filled their eyes. The cast was astonished they were given the free rein to... BE.

“Acting Means Pretending, Right?”

17th May 2013

The bridge between acting and pretending.

Tiny Experiences, Big Impact

09th May 2013

Today, in one of our Creativity Labs, a short inspiration led to a tiny experiment and became a big success! How tiny can you make this moment?

Peddling Candy to the Starving – Theatre Games

31st Mar 2013

We are all hungry for play, so hungry you could feed us cotton candy and we would thank you... But at what price?

Rainbow Feathers – Developing an Idea

26th Jan 2013

It started as a handprint. But with a flip of his wrist he moved on to the ‘riskier’ idea. “What are you doing, Griffin?” I ask. “I need rainbow feathers.”...

Failing Gloriously – Manifesto Sneak Peek

10th Nov 2012

Without the possibility of failure, nothing new can be discovered or accomplished.

Tapping into Your Childlike Instincts

12th Sep 2012

“I began to think of children not as immature adults, but of adults as atrophied children.” K. Johnstone “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once...

Actively Waiting

02nd Jul 2012

'Good things come from waiting in the wings for your space, for your timing to present itself.' A playground lesson learned decades a go waiting to jump in to double dutch... Read more...

Master Class video – 2011 Actor Devised Theatre

16th Jan 2012

Last summer Episcopal School brought Creatively Independent in for a Master Class week of Physical Theatre.  It turned into a joyous adventure of actor devised work exploring the themes inside...

Teaching as an Art Form and a LAB

29th Nov 2011

The classroom, rehearsal hall or lab is where one must try anything and everything for the sake of the exercise or tool to be explored... Read more...

Summer Explorations in Dance & Theatre – MFA explorations

12th Oct 2011

An educational romp through Berkshires' art in the summer... ... Read more...

What am I watching: the performance or the performer?

09th Sep 2011

A critical essay on a strong individual’s exploration inside the dance world. Read more...

Sharing MFA Grad work

07th Sep 2011

Hi everyone, This is Jess Pillmore, Co-Artistic Director of CI. I’m currently working on my MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College and would love to share some of my...

Latest News: Hamlet opening July 21 in North Adams, MA

17th Jul 2011

C.I. has been slacking a bit with the blog entries (hopefully, this will change… today). Busy bees that we are, we have tons of news: Jess & Chris have conceived...

Master Class montage from latest residency

29th Jun 2010

Great week in Jacksonville working on physical theatre (contact improv, “As One” collective consciousness, intention and actor/creator skills).  We had a blast with a terrific group of risk takers!  Watch...

Play Today! – An Energy Game

08th Jun 2010

On the blog, we’re starting to spotlight exercises we use in rehearsals and workshops.  The key is never the game itself, it’s the use of it.  One game can be...

Ensemble/Community – Play

23rd Dec 2009

I just spent 4 days playing with an amazing group of middle-schoolers in Germany.  Their task was to create theatre based around the theme of “Play”.  When preparing for the...

Independent – Play

30th Nov 2009

Somehow and somewhere we have lost our ability to play freely without judgment. I’m amazed at the amount of times I need to remind students, of any age, that they have an open opportunity to play within these exercises. They still feel closed off, shut down and simply not willing to let themselves go....