In Me I Trust

25th Jan 2015

If trust = risk taking, how much do I trust myself? Not an easy answer, it turns out.

Enough Stats!

24th Oct 2014

After reviewing yet another study showing the effectiveness of the arts, shared across social media platforms in a desperate attempt to say "We matter!"... I shout, "ENOUGH!"

What Fuels Success Is…

29th Sep 2014

Your success rate is based on need. So, this is a plea to dream, to care, to need!

The Contagious Effect of Possibilities

07th Dec 2013

"We can do that?" Amazement, fear, and excitement filled their eyes. The cast was astonished they were given the free rein to... BE.

Aesop’s On It: Personal Freedom

21st Jun 2013

Said the Dog, "I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you."

“Acting Means Pretending, Right?”

17th May 2013

The bridge between acting and pretending.


16th May 2013

A heated debate is happening over the internet focused on crowdfunding. The strongest question is: Who’s allowed to use this tool?

Set Backs – Now What?

07th Jan 2013

How do we get the car back online with a slight correction of the wheel without the fear-filled yank off the road?

Running Hot & Cold

12th Oct 2012

The fluidity of progressive education & how to chose your own path.

An Artist’s Impulse – The Gates

29th Sep 2012

Christo's The Gates. True answers are within. Provocations come from interaction. The process & the product are interdependent.

FLYING CLOSER… Part 2 – Seth Godin’s Intensive

01st Sep 2012

Summarize your dream, 'Go To Market' strategies, assets/needs & entice in 5-minutes?!

Habits – Stop Falling Back on Them… please

18th Aug 2012

Creating vibrant work requires honesty. Honesty doesn't reside in habits. Read more...

Projecting Your Self

12th Aug 2012

The larger the house the more you need to project. Read more...

Actively Waiting

02nd Jul 2012

'Good things come from waiting in the wings for your space, for your timing to present itself.' A playground lesson learned decades a go waiting to jump in to double dutch... Read more...

Artist Statement

14th May 2012

I am a revolutionary who believes in one’s potential not one’s past. I am digging deep, following arts’ roots to the source of humanity... Read more...

Auditions are Two-Way Streets

14th Apr 2012

Actors must come into auditions on a healthier foot than “please give me this job/college spot, I beg of you.”... Read more...

Master Class video – 2011 Actor Devised Theatre

16th Jan 2012

Last summer Episcopal School brought Creatively Independent in for a Master Class week of Physical Theatre.  It turned into a joyous adventure of actor devised work exploring the themes inside...

Teaching as an Art Form and a LAB

29th Nov 2011

The classroom, rehearsal hall or lab is where one must try anything and everything for the sake of the exercise or tool to be explored... Read more...

A Living Study – MFA essay

20th Sep 2011

This is just another clear example of how the seemingly individual threads of my life – work, motherhood, marriage, art – are woven into an intricate and ever-changing pattern of me. Which makes me question are any of us truly individuals? Even inside ourselves, there are many selves. Are we all tiny communities built out of tinier communities, all trying to focus on a common goal?

What am I watching: the performance or the performer?

09th Sep 2011

A critical essay on a strong individual’s exploration inside the dance world. Read more...